The surprising way to boost your mood

Just smile.

You know what they say…fake it ’till you make it. In this case it actually holds true.
Smiling is an automatic response to happiness. Whenever we feel good or there’s something funny it automagically appears on our faces. But research shows it actually works both ways. The physical act of smiling triggers feelings of happiness.

Foam rollers

Foam rollers 101

What is foam rolling anyway?

Foam rolling also known as self-myofascial release is a massaging practice. The myofascial release itself has been used by therapists since forever but to do this yourself you will need some help in the form of a foam roller. The point of the practice is in a long dragging force. The release of the force should help with immobility and pain by relaxing contracted muscles, and improving circulation. It’s not as great as having a professional do it but it’s good. Really good.

Which is why i highly recommend it to everybody who regularly exercises. It helps preventing injuries and promotes recovery time, which also means you can do more workouts in a shorter period of time and thus get better more quickly.

Vitamin C smoothie

Vitamin C smoothie

Even though cold season should officially be over by now I’m still battling one and i have been for about two weeks now. So I thought it was about time to put an end to it. With a delicious overdose of vitamin C.

This is what i put together:

lemon juice

TA - The pregnancy project

During and after pregnancy fitness

I’ve always been a very active person. I even worked out througout all the nine months of pregnancy up until the due date, but I stopped for the 10 days I was overdue. So after my son was born I felt horrible. Not looked horrible, felt horrible. Sluggish, weak. Mostly because of the 10 overdue days spent lying around and the two weeks after my C-section during which I could hardly move. So I was very eager to get back in shape. Exactly 7 weeks after the delivery, on the day I had my first check-up and was cleared to start working out, I did my first pull-up.


Bedtime tea

Let’s start small with a tiny evening rituals that i love. Tea.

Most of us are tea drinkers. From childhood morning drinks to lemon infused flu remedies. But there’s more the the world of tea than that.

I discovered real tea sometime in high school. Up until then the idea of putting milk into tea seemed ridiculous to me. But i had to try at some point. And i loved it immediately. Thus began my love for black tea and from that tea in general.