Indoor training

How to train for a run indoors

Let’s say you’re following a training plan for running. Maybe you even signed in for a race so you really want to follow through. But then life gets in your way. There’s no way around illnesses for example but there are steps you can take in order not to lose your progress when you can’t go out.

Nike+ Running

The new Nike+ Run Club

Nike+ Running has evolved into Nike+ Run Club. This used to be my favorite running app and it just got updated to a whole new level.

But let’s start at the beginning.

I probably mentioned at some point that I started running when I bought a Nike+ sensor and attached it to the first generation iPod Nano. Yes, those were the times. So this naturally leads you to use the whole Nike+ ecosystem and when I moved to using the iPhone+GPS+app combination instead of the sensor I just naturally went with the same app since it also had all my previous data.

Summer running

5 tips for running in the summer

If you don’t want to pause your running efforts during the summer months, you’re training for a fall race or like me, you just miss it and want to start again, there are certain modifications you need to do in order to adapt to training in higher temperatures. They might seem obvious at first but we forget about them way too often and they make such a difference that I feel like they must be repeated every once in a while.