New design and big news!

If this is is not your first visit here it’s probably pretty obvious but anyway…the blog got a complete redesign! I feel like now it’s much more modern and clean and with a bigger focus on content instead of categorisation which also gives it a lot more room to grow for the future. And while we’re on the topic of growth I also have some big news!

TA - The pregnancy project

During and after pregnancy fitness

I’ve always been a very active person. I even worked out througout all the nine months of pregnancy up until the due date, but I stopped for the 10 days I was overdue. So after my son was born I felt horrible. Not looked horrible, felt horrible. Sluggish, weak. Mostly because of the 10 overdue days spent lying around and the two weeks after my C-section during which I could hardly move. So I was very eager to get back in shape. Exactly 7 weeks after the delivery, on the day I had my first check-up and was cleared to start working out, I did my first pull-up.