3 Reasons for using exfoliating bath gloves

Exfoliating bath gloves remove dead skin cells and leave skin feeling softer and smoother. But there are other benefits that come with their use, so pay special attention to these areas:

1. Legs – A closer shave

I don’t have sensitive skin so I tend to shave my legs fairly regularly. But at least once a week or for special occasions I exfoliate them with my gloves before shaving. With the dead skin cells gone the razor can reach closer to the hairs which guarantees an extra smooth shave. Finish the process with an after shave cream or a body butter (this coconut one is my favourite) for silky smooth legs.


Bedtime tea

Let’s start small with a tiny evening rituals that i love. Tea.

Most of us are tea drinkers. From childhood morning drinks to lemon infused flu remedies. But there’s more the the world of tea than that.

I discovered real tea sometime in high school. Up until then the idea of putting milk into tea seemed ridiculous to me. But i had to try at some point. And i loved it immediately. Thus began my love for black tea and from that tea in general.