My first post morning sickness workout

As mentioned in “Why I stopped running during my pregnancy” I was not only ordered by my doctor not to exercise but was also sick for what seemed to be an eternity. Now that both these reasons are gone I’m really trying to get back in the saddle and at least preserve the minimal amount of fitness I still have by doing some kind of pregnancy workout. I don’t expect to make some big comeback or any progress in this area. But this does not mean I should just stop exercising entirely, does it?


Why I stopped running during my pregnancy

Actually, I stopped exercising altogether, but let’s start at the beginning.
The journey so far
I found out I was pregnant sometime in May, day 36 of my cycle. I remember that clearly. At first, I thought that was a nice change from my first pregnancy where I found out about it already two months pregnant. Yes, that can happen. Easily. Anyway, turns out it’s not so nice after all because it feels like the wait is that much longer. In my mind my first pregnancy lasted 7 months (plus the 10 days I was overdue), this one is going to last 8 months (hopefully without additional waiting).

Truth be told it would have been the same had I not taken that test. The sickness that followed almost immediately would have given up the news anyway.